Our mission at Head Health, Inc. is to help severe sufferers of chronic neurological conditions break free from the pain and live an abundant life.

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Create Your Migraine Space

Becoming free from chronic illness requires much time dedicated to looking within. Self-realization is one of the key factors toward understanding how your unique body functions and what lifestyle choices you will need to make to becoming truly healthy.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars. – Harriet Tubman

The size of your space is irrelevant. What matters is one simple truth: it creates a dedicated room for you to relax your mind, connect to the inner workings of your soul, and develop a spiritual practice that will ultimately enrich your body.

On an average day, you are bombarded with constant stimuli from your external environment that is trying to gain your attention. Many sufferers of chronic neurological disorders have an increased sensitivity to the stimuli, which can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, tension, worry, and many other negative health and emotional outcomes; all of which may trigger a potential headache or migraine.

To successfully choose your space, consider the following:

  • Choose a space where you can go to for quiet, uninterrupted time
  • Remove all clutter. Clean and start with a fresh slate
  • Create a seating spot that allows you to be comfortable, so that you can sit, meditate, pray, journal, read, etc.
  • Begin to design the room to enhance a sense of peace. Sit in your chair and align paintings, flowers, and décor

Use Your Ears

Plato once said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Music has the ability to influence you at the spiritual level, which can be a very powerful tool when trying to break free from chronic illness.

Equip your space with a docking station/speakers. This is a good way to listen to soothing music.

We have created a playlist that may help you. Listen >> here <<

Colors and Decor

Warm colors can trigger comfort and cool colors can signify calmness. Utilizing colors that speak to your mind and emotions can generate a psychological response that can help you during your chair time. For more information into the concept of energy and design, search Feng Shui.

Environmental Psychologist Sally Augustin, Ph.D. wrote a wonderful article on The Surprising Effect of Color on Your Mind and Mood

Use Your Nose

Scents are capable of invoking an emotional response. Using essential oils that are calming, soothing, and even uplifting can help alter your mood and create a nervous system interaction that will help you get in tune with your well-being. Aromatherapy has been proven as an effective method to increase your mood and even reduce depression [2]. If you are capable of using scents, it may be worth experimenting with.

Flowers and Plants

Research has determined that flowers have a direct and immediate impact on happiness [3].

If you choose the right flowers or plants, you might be able to have a positive influence on your mood – proving to be useful for depression, anxiety, stress, and anger.

Be Intentional

Your space will change as you develop and grow. In the very beginning, equip yourself and your space with the décor, scents, flowers, colors, etc. that help you get in tune with who you are.

The true objective is to create a space that helps you disconnect with the distractions and thoughts that do not serve you. It will help you process your thoughts and spiritual desires.

So much of this journey will be based on your ability to create a life that revolves around how your unique body operates.

You will discover this in your quiet space and time of reflection.



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