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How To Create A Logical Default Response

As you are beginning to understand how the body is an interconnected system, remember, your emotions will show up in some way in your physical body. 

If you respond to a situation with an emotional response rooted in fear and anxiety, chances are that your body is going to feel the effects, possibly resulting in a headache, muscle tension or a migraine. 

However, the great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Why? Because this is currently just your default response, but this can be changed in three simple steps.

Step 1 – Create an inner awareness of your thoughts

First, you need to develop an awareness of what’s going on inside your mind to be able to make any changes, so tune into what’s happening internally and take an inventory of your thoughts when an anxious, fearful or emotional situation arises. What are you thinking? How do these thoughts show up? What is your internal dialogue saying?

Being able to consciously observe these thoughts is you creating awareness, and awareness is the first essential step in being able to change any behavior or automatic response. 

It’s now with this practiced awareness that you are now able to move on to step two.

Step 2 – Stop the emotional response

Now with your newfound awareness, you when a difficult, anxious or emotional situation arises you are able to acknowledge this happening. You are no longer outside of your body out of control of what is happening to you, you are able to use your awareness to stop the automatic response before it happens.

So when you feel emotion, fear or anxiety build up within you and is on the verge of coming out – Stop, take a few deep breaths and choose to let it pass. 

YOU are in control. 

This will take practice and sometimes it will be easier than others but with patience and persistence, you will stop your automatic and emotional default response from playing out.

Step 3 – Detach the emotion from the situation

Now you have stopped the automatic response you are able to reframe and see the situation, worry or fear for what it truly is. Now you can look at it from an objective view rather than an emotional view which is how you are going to disconnect the emotion from the situation. For example:


Before disconnect – “Oh god this flight is going to give me a headache”

After disconnect – “I am just getting on an airplane and there is no reason for this to be scary or for it to induce a headache”


Before disconnect – “I am scared I am going to get a migraine” 

After disconnect –  “I don’t have all the facts and have no proof that this is the case. There is no need to feel anxiety for I know this increases the chance of a migraine happening. Nothing has happened right now so I choose to live in the present moment.”  


Before disconnect – “I am so scared of feeling pain”

After disconnect – “There is no reason to fear pain. I can sit in discomfort but choose not to attach any emotion to it”. 


By detaching the emotion from the situation you are able to create a logical response thereby overriding your old automatic emotional response and behavior rooted in fear and anxiety. 

When you practice this technique and persist with patience, over time, you will be able to change your automatic default response into a controlled, mindful response, congruent to health and healing. 

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