Our mission at Head Health, Inc. is to help severe sufferers of chronic neurological conditions break free from the pain and live an abundant life.

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If you have any sort of neurological disorder, I am sure that you have heard the same things I have: there is no cure, it is a genetic abnormality, and you are a medical mystery.

Not to mention, there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it to get better.

I am here to tell you that there is hope.

I am Anthony Cocco, CEO and Co-founder of Head Health, Inc. and a former daily chronic migraine, headache, PTBI, and concussion sufferer.

Welcome to the new you

From my own personal experience, I can tell you with complete confidence that you do not have to experience long-term neurological suffering. Whether it is a migraine, headache, PTBI, or concussion you have the ability to restore your health and wellbeing.

For nearly two decades I suffered from daily chronic migraines, headaches, and symptoms related to PTBI and concussions. Doctors labeled me as an anomaly, a medical mystery, and told me that there was no solution to my pain.

I am here to tell you that since May 13, 2011, I am migraine free and do not experience one symptom related to any of my neurological complications.

I can attend social functions and have enough energy to get me through working long days.

Triggers caused by perfume or strong scents no longer bother me and the food triggers that used to cause severe pain are no longer present.

I have been able to restore my brain, my mind, my body, and most importantly, my spirit.

With this being true for myself, I believe it can be true for you too.

Living in Abundance

No matter what your current situation, I believe that you have the power within you to change your story and rewrite the narrative. Regardless of the work required to break free, you have it within you to be victorious – it all starts with you believing that you can. Be present in the moment and realize you are capable of becoming healthy and achieving freedom.

The Fundamentals

Follow the key fundamentals to learn how to understand your unique body and discover what it takes to take control of your health and wellbeing.


Knowing and recognizing your triggers can be a difficult task. We wrote this article to help you understand your triggers and develop the lifestyle techniques to keep your nervous system at bay. The faster you are able to do this, the faster you can jumpstart your body’s healing engine.

Read More: Introduction to Triggers


There are seven food basics that we believe will help support you as you embark upon your journey toward a symptom-free life. Following a specific protocol will help give your body the structure it needs to help with cellular regeneration.

Read More: Seven Food Basics


Sleep is one of the most critical activities for you to have a healthy body. It can be very difficult to accomplish this when experiencing a neurological disorder. From personal experience, I had a very tough time making sleep a priority, but when I did, my body thanked me.

Read More: Hack Your Sleep: Get a Good Night’s Rest


Supplements can help you bridge the gap from your sickness to health. They can help strengthen your body and enhance your mind, when you choose the right types. Learn how supplements can help you improve your health and wellbeing. 

Read More: Enhance Your Brain and Support Your Body With Supplements


Journaling is one of the most critical self-care activities that you can do. It can allow you to break free from the mental anguish that comes with having a neurological disorder. Because most of our symptoms are subjective, others may not be able to understand what you are going through. When you have a strong journaling practice you can allow the negative to flow out of you and humbly reflect upon the positive. It is also an ability for you to work through some of the issues that may be going on.

Read More: Breakthrough Journaling

How Head Health, Inc. Started

After suffering from chronic illness for almost two decades, I experienced an adverse reaction to Medrol. This medication caused severe life-threatening convulsions. This forced me to make a decision, I would put my health as my top priority and do whatever it takes to escape this pain and illness. 

With a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and them being unable to help me, I was left on my own. It was a wonderful place to be as it tested my faith and allowed me to believe that I am a capable and strong person. The story does have a happy ending and I believe yours can end well too.

The blog is about the opportunities and methods I have used to strengthen my mind, body, spirit, and brain. It is here to help you experience positive breakthroughs and embrace the positive lifestyle changes required to live free. 

May you be blessed upon this journey of health and know that we are here, together, to help you be the best you.

Former chronic daily migraine, PTBI, and concussion sufferer of 16 years. His became free from migraine, concussion, and headache-related symptoms on May 13, 2011.

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